Steps To Prepare Current Affairs For IAS Examination

Current Affairs is one of the most important sections in IAS examination. The word ‘current’ means daily or day to day and the word ‘affairs’ mean events. So, current affairs are the daily events happening around us. Current Affairs revolves around various fields like sports, science, national, history,  international, environment, etc. Students aspiring to become an IAS officer must learn this section effectively as it is one of the most scoring section in the examination. Some smart steps to prepare current affairs for IAS examination is given in the points mentioned below.

Good study materials

Books are the most important components while preparing for competitive examinations. The book market and the internet is filled with thousands of books but students must choose the right book for them.


Read newspaper

One of the best ways to know all the daily events and prepare for current affairs is by reading newspapers. Students must make a habit of reading the newspaper regularly to prepare more effectively for the current affairs section in IAS examination. Students can follow newspapers like “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph”, “The Times of India”, “Dainik Bhaskar”, etc while preparing for their exam. They should try to follow more than one newspaper to make their preparation stronger.


Follow news channel

Along with newspapers, one of the most effective ways to prepare for current affairs is by watching good news channels. By following a news channel, aspirants will be able to build their interest in the current affair section. Aspirants must dedicate at least 40 to 50 minutes watching the news every day. They can follow news channels like ABP News, Republic TV, NDTV, Times Now, India TV, CNN, BBC World, etc.

These were some tips to prepare current affairs effectively for competitive exam. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel to watch interactive video lessons on various IAS topics and get all the details about the exam like IAS syllabus, IAS Salary, and more.


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